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Childcare Concerns_COVID

As a parent, there is so much to consider as you anxiously wait for the final decisions to be made for your child's upcoming school year. You are likely asking yourself, should you send your child(ren) to school on the half-day options, full-days with masks in hand or should you take advantage of the virtual home-schooling resources? As an employer, there is alot to consider as our parents are faced with these challenging decisions, and we need to work together and try and be as flexible as possible. Some daycare centers may be closed, some of your spouses may be married to teachers who have minimal options, and some parents are really nervous, rightfully so, in sending their child(ren) to school this year. As an organization, you could have some employees who are looking at their financial situation to see if homeschooling is an option.

I encourage managers and employees to talk with each other during these times to ensure open communication so that organizations aren't left in a challenging situation and neither are parents!

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