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Why you should take time for R & R

During times of added stress, we tend to forget to take a pause and focus on ourselves because we feel there is no time. We are simply too busy, right? However, taking time for yourself can be much more beneficial than one may think. Many of us don't unplug like we should by turning off the phone and being present in the moment.

During these unfortunate COVID 19 times, if nothing else, this pandemic has taught me the value of friends, family and long lasting memories; and why I should take that extra time to spend it with those who care and love me the most!

  • Take advantage of your office being less busy right now and take some personal days

  • Don't hesitate to take a mental health day when you need it

  • You will have a stronger focus and better productivity rate once you return

  • Fill your cup back up with love and happiness and empty out the negativity and stress from work

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